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Orlando Pool Screen Repair Services


1) Screen Enclosure Rescreen

This process involves removing the old, worn and damaged screen and old spline from your Screen Enclosure. This alone can sometimes be a timely process depending on the screens age, type of previous screen and even the weather.
Our skilled screen techs will roll out the new Phifer Screen Material  over a couple of panels at a time and then cut the roll as needed.  They continue to follow these steps until your whole screen enclosure has been re-screened.
Our techs also make sure that the aluminum structure as a whole, is properly secured to the concrete slab and is as secure as it can be. We also adjust the hinges on your screen doors as necessary to ensure the open and close properly.
When we install the new hardware, we also replace the bug sweeps on the screen door bottoms. For certain re-screens, we offer pressure washing of your pool enclosure before installation.  We do not and never have “Sheet Rolled” any screen we have ever touched.
This is a huge short cut that most “Handymen” and the “guy and his truck”, take to cut the install time by 75%.
This is when they roll the screen in the longest format and only spline the outer parameters. This prevents simple repairs in the future if needed.
Our professional pool screen techs will never do this.

single2) Individual Screen Panel Repairs

Many customers contact us because they only need a few pool screen panels replaced or repaired. We offer Per Panel, Flat-Rate pricing. This means the price is not affected by the screen panels location or size. We have seen many screen repair companies use a tiered pricing structure to lure you in and then up-charge you after they complete the job.
Our professional pool screen technicians will review each and every screen panel with you before we do anything. Many times there are more panels that are damaged than the owner might be aware of. Reviewing each of your pool screen panels “with other eyes on us”, it keeps everyone as honest and transparent as humanly possible.


door3) Screen Door Hardware

The screen door of your patio or pool enclosure is the most used part of your screen cage. Often, they will become unhinged or crooked. Our repair techs know what to look for in these cases and resolve the problem immediately. More often than not, it may require replacement of a small part like the hing or bolts. If your kick plate at the bottom of the door is damaged, that is a quick replacement for us. In almost all cases, there is no need to replace the entire door.

doggie4) Installing a Doggie Door

Do you prefer to have some privacy in your pool or porch area? Regular screen don’t usually guard against privacy. However, we offer Florida Glass which is also referred to as privacy screen. This state-of-the-art technology has a smoky haze laminated glass on the outside. This provides a privacy shield from nosy neighbors.


inserts5) Frame Insert for Non-Screened Porches/Lanai

How many times have you had to clean bugs from an non-screened porch area? Stop wasting your time with all that cleaning. Install a frame-in on your porch area and this will eliminate the bug problem. One of our techs can come by and give you a free estimate. We don’t use cheap materials in this frame-in area. All the fill-ins are built with high quality construction grade aluminum. They also include screen doors for easy access.



More Services

  • Replace your cables in the pool or porch area
  • If an enclosure needs re-mounting, we can do that for you
  • If there is any metal or beam damage, our repairmen know how to repair or replace it.
  • Want to have a wooden porch? We can install one for you.
  • If you had recent heavy rains recently and just want to make sure your enclosure wasn’t damaged, we can have a repair tech come and inspect the entire enclosure. and want to make sure that your enclosure was not damaged, we can do a complete enclosure inspection for you.


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